A Victorian 


  The Story of the Glass slipper 



“Rosy girls and smiling boys come and buy my little toys, monkeys made of gingerbread and sugar horses painted red”


Cinderella, the kind hearted daughter of Mr.Pumplechook, is just beginning her daily chores of cleaning and cooking and washing and scrubbing and ironing and mending and polishing and making the  beds and looking after everyone else as well, when she hears  the exciting announcement of the grand Ball to be  given by the Prince. 


BUT her dreams are shattered when her hoity –toity sisters ruin her plans and go off to the Ball on their own!


Poor Cinderella….What can she do?


Set in the Victorian period and accompanied by the evocative strains of the barrel organ this traditional booth style show is staged with lovely scenery and exquisitely carved figures for which Treasure Trove is renowned. 



“Beautifully presented, come back soon!!....


“An excellent adaptation of a well known story, with enough surprises to keep the audience enthralled”

“A refreshing change to see such a professional performance... SLICK!!


Age range 4 years                                                           Running Time 50 Minutes