ROBIN HOOD  The tale of the silver arrow  

“It is merry England in winter cold, when tales were tall and knights were bold.    Knights with flashing armour and blazing swords and shields that shone in the sun ,Knights with tales of daring deeds and of battles lost and of battles won.”   



     The greedy Prince John and the Sheriff of  Nottingham hatch a wicked plan to capture Robin Hood by holding a grand archery competition.


Will they capture Robin hood...?


Will Robin win the silver arrow...?  


This Play tells an exciting and accessible story for children with beautiful scenery that changes from the wilds of Sherwood forest and transforms into  the battlements of the Princely castle. 





`Puppetry at it`s best. The acting , puppets and scenery were first class`


                                                                                                     Running Time 50 Minutes


 Age range 4 years and upwards