The Golden Crown 

“ The Prince is missing, the future Maharaja of this Kingdom is missing, he went on a hunt in the deep, deep jungle and never came back…….”

          Somu, the hero of our story,  goes to the city to find work. On his way through the jungle he comes across a well from which he rescues a tiger, a monkey, a snake  and a very ungrateful man. It isn't long before DISASTER STRIKES !!!!

Somu finds himself imprisoned in the damp,dark dungeons of the palace. Alone and cold Somu doesn’t realise that help is on the way, bringing a great adventure to an exciting end."






A lively and entertaining puppet play based on a tale from the “Panchtantra”,  an ancient collection of stories from India. 

This colourful and sophisticated dramatisation is presented using hand carved rod puppets and traditional Rajasthani marionettes, skilfully manipulated and accompanied by the musical sounds of the desert regions of Rajasthan.  

Running time 50 minutes 

Age range 4 years up