A Chinese Tale

The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate

“Long, long ago in a land of lanterns and lotus blossoms in a  blue pagoda beside a weeping willow tree there lived a  mighty Mandarin…….”

This exciting story tells of Koon se, the Mandarin`s daughter, 

who has fallen in love with Chang, the  Mandarin`s servant.



                                                      This will not do !!!


            The Mandarin has his own idea that his daughter should wed

            a wealthy Duke!

Koon se and Chang plan an escape only to be  captured and imprisoned … looking  down from high  is the Spirit of the South Wind that takes pity on the  lonely, trapped lovers and transforms them into two  immortal doves .                                                                                  

With beautiful scenery  transforming from scene to scene Treasure Trove bring this classic story to life using glove puppets and imaginative staging based on the designs of the Willow Plate Pattern.





                                       Age range 4 years upwards         Running Time 50 Minutes